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What We Do

We are improving and creating a better labour market in Serbia

The Infostud group efficiently connects candidates and employers, providing support in every step of the process. In addition, we are modernising employment practices through innovative endeavours.

Focus on employers and HR professionals

We help employers with hiring and business development

Focus on job applicants

We provide support and information when searching for a job and changing careers

Focus on young people

Proactive young people are asserted through our business operations and various initiatives

Focus on the IT community

We actively participate in the growth and development of the Serbian IT community and its talents

What exactly do we do, and how do we do it?

Innovation is our motivation, and that’s why we try to offer different solutions by expanding the horizons of the prospects of finding a job, effective management of professional development and employment.

On the other hand, a productive labour market is the result of a two-way process, so we help you as an employer to find the most suitable workers and support the development of proper employment policies and investment in human resources.

For this reason, Infostud is a centre for solutions in the field of recruitment, selection and employer branding and offers the most reliable support on the way to building successful and efficient teams and employer branding.

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Infostud in numbers

We have been raising the level of successful employment and business in Serbia for 20 years.

Over the years, we have gained the trust of most employers, candidates, young people and the rest of the public.

Our values

Get to know our Infostud values.

  • We evaluate the current position, keep up with trends, search for chances for development, and come up with fresh, creative solutions,
  • We plan, predict, and take proactive measures,
  • We accomplish our goals, then set new ones as we continually strive to do better,
  • As we gain knowledge from others and from our own experiences, we continue to get better.
  • We care for our clients, partners, and visitors,
  • We respect market competition because it challenges us to improve,
  • We focus on improving ourselves rather than blaming others for our mistakes. When we make a mistake, we fix it and learn from it,
  • We always try to stay on the right course, standing behind our words and deeds,
  • We think long-term because short-term gain is not always the best course of action.
  • For us, open communication is key to understanding and making good decisions,
  • We consider things from other people’s perspectives and are open to criticism and advice since they often provide a valuable source of information,
  • We are adaptable, flexible, and meet the demands of the market and society,
  • We view change as an opportunity for improvement.
  • We encourage good teamwork, collaboration, and friendly interactions based on mutual respect,
  • We encourage good ideas, other people’s efforts, and we help each other,
  • Because we are all links in the same chain, we provide feedback to one another and point out opportunities for improvement,
  • We share our knowledge, our achievements, and our failures, and we recognize that the team comes first because when one person grows, we all grow.
  • We see the glass as half full rather than half empty, and we attempt to fill it,
  • We approach problems as challenges and opportunities for development, and we find constructive solutions,
  • Our present actions define our future. That is why we have an optimistic outlook and are productive right now,
  • We advocate for a healthy, active lifestyle as well as a balanced relationship between mind and body.
  • We commit ourselves to a high standard in all important activities,
  • We prioritize tasks and complete them in an effort to produce the best results,
  • When necessary, we are prepared to invest more effort, time, and knowledge to achieve the greatest results,
  • We do our best and accept responsibility for our own work and outcomes.

Do you have any questions?

If you have additional questions or are interested in any of the fields of our activity, our team will be happy to provide you with answers and assistance.