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for employment
and career development

We efficiently connect candidates and employers. We help them in the process of hiring and building their careers. Together we create a better labour market.
Inspira group – businesses that lead forward. Infostud as a part of Inspira group.

Who are we?

We have been improving the labour markets and employment prospects for 20 years

We work every day to improve the labour market and increase the employment rate in Serbia. We are the most loyal support in the course of building successful and efficient teams. We connect, support, and improve in the way that best suits you.
Today, our team includes over 100 professionals and enthusiasts.
Infostud - Čime se bavimo

What we do?

We successfully connect candidates and employers and provide support in every step of the process

Through four leading employment sites, which are part of Infostud, we make the labour market in Serbia a better and healthier place.