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Infostud group is now Inspira group

The largest internet company in Serbia is changing its name to Inspira Group

In order to improve operational clarity and strengthen its six operating businesses, the Internet company Infostud Group is changing its name. Infostud continues to be the name of our largest employment business. Except for the change of the umbrella brand, the ownership structure remains the same.

Subotica/Belgrade October 25th – The biggest domestic Internet business, Infostud Group, is changing its name to Inspira Group after 22 years of existence. At the same time, Infostud – centre for employment and professional development continues to be the name of our first and largest company, Poslovi Infostud, which is the market leader in Serbia’s employment sector.

From this point forward, Infostud’s platforms will seem more contemporary and provide a better user experience.

This change marks a new stage in the company’s growth as well as a response to the perception of a part of the general public that has incorrectly identified the employment site as Infostud for a number of years. However, the Infostud group was actually an umbrella organization that included other successful digital businesses in addition to this site.

As a result, Inspira Group will concentrate on creating a new umbrella brand and growing its six companies. Accordingly, in addition to the Infostud Employment Centre (,,, and, this group also develops the largest websites in the automobile industry (, real estate (, e-commerce (,,, and insurance (

“We have established ourselves as the digital life companion of our users over the years by assisting them in resolving significant life issues like education, employment, real estate, automobile purchases, and insurance. At the start of our company’s third decade, it is a big responsibility, and the new identity will motivate us to improve even more on developing new services,“ said Branimir Gajić, one of the founders and directors of Inspira Group.

“The Inspira group will continue to serve as the head office and offer system support and work flexibility to all businesses while our first and largest business, known as Infostud, continues to function as a network of companies for employment. As we run our company, we continue to be inventive while adhering to technical and market trends, assisting companies in creating new services for clients,” added Branimir.

Additionally, Infostud Hub, the coworking and educational centre in Subotica, will also change its name. Under the name Inspira Hub, it will continue to carry out its activities, which encompass coworking as well as entrepreneurial development, mentoring, professional growth in the IT sector, and other community-beneficial initiatives.

The Inspira Group will continue to actively promote national socially responsible projects through its participation in the Digital Serbia Initiative organization and other associations, and it is the founder of some new ones at the local level. The latest example is the establishment of IT Subotica 2030, which links educational institutions and IT businesses in Subotica with the aim of establishing Subotica as a regional IT centre.