Our sites

<strong>Poslovi.infostud.com</strong><br /> is the leading employment website in Serbia, made for jobseekers and companies who are searching for employees
<strong>Mojtim.com</strong><br /> is the website dedicated to human resource management, and intended for employers, managers,  HR specialists.<br />
<strong>Prijemni.infostud.com</strong><br />is dedicated to enrolling university studies
<strong>Najstudent.com</strong><br /> is website wich provides information about scholarships, internships and postgraduate studies to prospective students.
<strong>Polovniautomobili.com</strong> <br /> is the most visited and most popular Serbian website for buying and selling used cars.
Tyre sales <br />
<strong>Putovanja.info</strong><br />is the most visited webportal specialized for promotion of touristic offers and destinantion.

  We are Infostud

Infostud is a group of internet businesses.

Oriented towards business and technological innovations, we change the market for the better. Our businesses are either already leading or are soon to become leaders in their respective niches.

Our goals

We wish to be the best at what we do and we want our businesses to be perceived as fine examples of good business practices, as well as healthy and stable, long term development.

From the very beginning we have worked on building and developing the internet market in Serbia. Infostud took the well-proven media, employment and trading practices, applied them to the internet market and modernized them. We did not stop there. Our intention is to keep leading and pushing the domestic market forward by using modern technologies, utilizing business innovations and supporting the development of ICT entrepreneurship.

In addition, our former experiences and results gave us the vision of expanding our operations to the international market.

Our values

We create results and quality
  • The highest level of quality comes as standard in all our important activities
  • We set our priorities and finish our tasks with the best results possible as our primary guidelines
  • When required, we are willing to utilize additional energy, time and knowledge in order to maximize the effect of our efforts
  • We always do the best we can and take full responsibility for the results of our work
Innovation and growth
  • By analizing our current state we search for possibilities in terms of growth and new, creative solutions
  • When planning things, we prefer forward-looking and proactive thinking
  • Once we reach a goal, we already have new ones to look forward to
  • Our own experiences combined with the experiences of others motivate us to learn and improve ourselves
Fair play
  • We care about our partners, clients and users
  • By respecting the industry competition we constantly improve ourselves
  • We constantly work on ourselves and we never blame others for our own mistakes. Once we make one, we make it right and learn from it
  • We stand by our words and body of work and we always try to find the righteous way
  • Short-term gains are not the best way to go, so our goals are always long-term
Open to changes
  • An open communication is the key when we try to comprehend things and make good decisions. We communicate clearly, directly and with respect.
  • We observe things from different perspectives and we embrace all advice and critique as they often provide useful information
  • We are flexible as we conform to the needs of our market and society
  • Each change is perceived as an opportunity for improvement
Winning as a team
  • We thrive on good team spirit, cooperation and friendly relationships, based on mutual respect
  • We believe in exchange of ideas and advice because we are all links in the same chain
  • Our knowledge, successes and defeats all get shared, and as we always place the team above an individual, we all grow the same
  • Our glass is always half full, not half empty, and we always thrive on filling it up.
  • Each problem is a challenge and potential growth, so we solve it in a constructive manner.
  • What we do today determines our tomorrow, thus we need to be positive and active, here and now.
  • We support a healthy, active lifestyle and a harmonious balance of spirit and body.

History and development of Infostud

2016 |
Infostud acquires the website 4zida.rs and steps into one more major area of operation – real estate.

2015 |

In November 2015. Infostud became the owner of the site Osiguranik.com. In this way, after employment, automotive, education and tourism, Infostud stepped into another bussines area, insurance. The main activity of this site is to represent insurance companies and to provide the best possible deals for the users.


<p>Internet-prodaja-guma.com website purchase</p>
<p> </p>
2011 |

Internet-prodaja-guma.com website purchase


The  Internet-prodaja-guma.com website purchase

In september 2011. Infostud bought local website for selling tyres on the Internet- www.internet-prodaja-guma.com (IPG). Since in it’s group of websites, Infostud already had the website polovniautomobili.com for selling used cars, by this latest purchase, Infostud continued successful operation in the field of motoring.

<p>Start of new educational websites</p>
<p> </p>
2011 |

Start of new educational websites


Start of new educational websites

In june 2011. website  Znanje.infostud.com got divided into two new sites:  website dedicated to business education and traning courses - Kursevi.com and a website designed for students Najstudent.com.
Website Putovanja.info joined Infostud<br>
2009 | Website Putovanja.info joined Infostud

Webiste Putovanja.info joined Infostud company

In October 2009, Infostud took over 60% of ownership of the company Putovanja.info, who’s website www.putovanja.info is the most visited Serbian website specialized in promotion of tourism and travel destinations. The goal of this partnership is a joint venture for further development  of website putovanja. info and strengthening the role of the Internet in the presentation and selection of appropriate tourism offers.

<p>Purchase of website Polovniautomobili.com</p>
2008 |

Purchase of website Polovniautomobili.com

Purchase of website Polovni.automobili.com

In the October of 2008, Infostud bought another website, adding it to it’s already growing group – PolovniAutomobili.com. The purchase of this website, marked the beginning of Infostud’s expansion on the Internet market of used cars in Serbia.

<p>Daily Mail and General Trust bought 25% of Infostud</p>
2008 |

Daily Mail and General Trust bought 25% of Infostud

Daily Mail and General Trust bought 25% of Infostud

At the beginning of 2008, the international corporation Daily Mail - General Trust became a strategic partner and owner of 25% of Infostud, however Infostud’s founders remained the company’s main leaders, retaining 75% of ownership
<p>Purchase of trust-hr.com</p>
2007 |

Purchase of trust-hr.com

Infostud bouht trust-hr.com

In September 2007, Infostud bought the website trust-hr.com which was specialized in human recourses, and incorporated it into a employer oriented website by the name of Mojtim.com. At the time, that move was a first purchase of a local website by the local Internet company.

<p>Starting webiste Zujanje.com</p>
<p> </p>
2005 |

Starting webiste Zujanje.com


Starting webiste Zujanje.com

The website Zujanje.com was an attempt to develop a social network at  time when Facebook was still in its infancy, and Twitter did not exist yet. It did not survive long because Infostud, due to workload, directed its develompment in another direction.
Creating employment section
2003 | Creating employment section

Three years after its foundation, Infostud started a new section on the website dedicated to effective employment, and this section later became known as a separate website poslovi.infostud.com. As the range of Infostud’s work extended, from the initial infostud.com other specialized websites separated (such as prijemni – university enrollment or znanje – self-improvement and education). With time, Infostud was clearly defined and organized as the company which develops and leads its websites, that are now larger in number, dedicated to different topics and can be developed as separate Internet domains and separate brands.

Foundation of Infostud<br />
2000 | Foundation of Infostud

The company Infostud was founded at the end of 2000, it’s first project being the Internet website infostud.com, which at that time was intended for university students and future students. That website was the first of its kind in Serbia. It was an Internet address where young people could find information on all universities in the country and those abroad, as well as the news on all kinds of programs for personal and educational growth such as student conferences, scholarships, internships, etc.

At the beginning, Infostud’s founders only worked on the website in their free time and their start-up capital consisted of their own pocket money and the website was never financed by any donations or funds.

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